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Información de reparación para el iPod shuffle de cuarta generación. Lanzado en septiembre de 2010. Número de modelo: A1373.

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iPod won't turn on or won't charge

It was still in the package when I bought it. I can plug it into my computer, fine. The orange lighting blinks like it's charging, and itunes syncs with it fine, and itunes says theirs mp3s on it loaded fine. I have the latest version on it. I left it plugged in to charge overnight. I have tried restoring it.

But when I unplug it from my computer and flip the switch to shuffle or continuous, nothing happens. No audio and the battery indicator light doesn't even turn on.

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Due to the iPods age it is most likely a bad battery

Battery’s degrade with age even if they are left sitting unused,heat can also affect a battery’s life span

Heres a guide showing you how to replace your battery

iPod Shuffle, reemplazo de batería de 4ta generación

It is a soldering job just so you will need a soldering iron ,solder ,flux and a solder wick to do it

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Thanks for this. I was afraid that may be the case. I don't have access or knowledge on soldering. I waisted $79 :(

- de


I’m sorry to hear that

If you ordered it on eBay you could try and return it and get your money back

Or if you wanted I could show you step by step how to desolder the battery and put a new one in

It’s not too hard and soldering irons aren’t too expensive

Entirely up to you, no pressure just do what you feel is best:-)


- de

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