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Manual de reparación completo para PSP Go, incluida la actualización de la batería y las instrucciones de reparación de la pantalla.

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PSP go wont turn on.

I recently got a PSP go. I've had it for a week and not dropped it once, infact i've babied the thing because it's so thin and light i was worried i'd break it(go figure). It fell out of my pocket when i was kneeling and hit a hardwood floor and landed on a blanket afterward. after picking it up and checking for cracks i tried to turn it on and nothing happened. i plugged it in and the charging light came on for a second then went off, and it still wont turn on. Any ideas what messed up and if it's fixable? I think it might be the battery coming loose although without any jewelers screw drivers to take it apart yet with.

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You've got the right idea Vince. The battery would be the best place to start and is a likely culprit for your issues. See if you can get your hands on a plastic opening tool and Phillips #00 screw driver and use this guide to help you get into your PSP. Good luck and let us know what you find.

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