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An audio/video receiver (AVR or home audio receiver) is a consumer electronics component used in home theaters that convert signals into sound.

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Panasonic SA-HE100 volume knob replacement


I have a Panasonic SA-HE100 that is acting strange. The volume goes random up and down when I turn the knob.

My question is how do I find a replacement for this. The part # is RRV16B24304A but it is discontinued everywhere. I am pretty sure there must be an alternative part.

I mean how do you find out how many K's the encoder need to be?


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Hi @wadali_2000

Contact this supplier and ask if it is still available to order.

They're not showing "no longer available" as a lot of other suppliers are, so you may be in luck.

If they say no good then ask if they know of an equivalent replacement.

Worth a try anyway.

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Thanks but they said the item is unavailable and that they don't have any subs.

Is there any ways to find out the ohms on the original one?

- de


Perhaps if the problem is intermittent you could remove the component from the board and then use an Ohmmeter to measure the resistance between the A & B terminals as shown in the schematics, first with it fully anti clockwise (min?) and then fully clockwise (max?) and note the resistances.

You could also measure between the Common terminal and the A and then the Com and the B and check.

To me it seems to be a potentiometer where the wiper (common terminal) is connected to earth and each of the volumes i.e. vol1 and vol 2is connected to A & B.

Just wondering if you centre the potentiometer to the mid point between min and max and then measure between common & A and then Common & B if you then add the two measurements together it may give the total for the pot.

Hopefully with all the measurements done above you might get some idea as to its value.

- de

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