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When I click on app store it's frozen

I tried to download twitter from my app store. When i confirmed the download the "download now" button popped up, but now it's frozen on there. I can't push the ok button or anything else. I can hit the home button and do everything else, but once I try to go back into the app store, it says the same thing and is still frozen.

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You guys are awesome. Thank you. I double tapped the home button and did the red dot trick. Thank you again.


Happy to help :)


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Reboot the Phone - Press and hold the home and power buttons till the iPhone resets and restarts or simply power it down.

Another trick I have used (supposedly) to reset mail is to double press the home button - may work on other apps??

The screen will dim all the icons and you'll have a row of icons only across the bottom of the screen. Slide the icons left/right till you get the App store icon

Press and hold the icon till a little RED DOT appears on it

Press the RED DOT

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Just found this LINK


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I need help to it does t

He same thing to but mine just frozze when I put in games and what do I do


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With crashing apps i find the best way to help it is do "force quit"

Hold the sleep/wake button for 10 seconds

Let go

Then hold the home button until you return to the home page.

1.This helps with thing like ; apps crashing (especially immediately after purchase)

2.Home button not responding

Also remember to quit running applications by double tapping the home button until the multitasking bar appears. Hold your finger on any of the apps in the bar until they shake and tap the stop sign circle in the left corner of the open app (As above)

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