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LG 55eg910t broken display

Vertical lines appear on the left side of the screen and the rest of the screen is blank when powering it on. What could possibly be the problem? The main board? The TV is already broken when I bought it on purpose to fix it.

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@notatechfixer let us see what your screen displays. Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente

If it is a broken display, then it gets expensive, if even possible. Screens that size are extremely hard to come up and if you do, they cost more than a new TV. You can always check by looking on the label on the inside, glued to the metal cover for the LCD panel. TRy an online search to see if you can find the scree. Anything else can usually be repaired with something as simple as a board replacement or bad wires. Again, for that we would have to see what it looks like.

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