Why aren't my buttons working after replacing the joystick?

I replaced the joystick on a joycon that was experiencing stick drift. While I had the controller open, I noticed that the posts that hold the microswitch for the shoulder button to the board were damaged. I resoldered them, but after reassembling the controller, I discovered that while the joystick works perfectly, none of the controller's buttons respond when pressed.

Does anybody know what might be going on with it?

Update (09/02/2022)

Block Image

Here's a photo of the board after I resoldered the shoulder button.

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Had you tried disconnecting it from your switch via the GUI and reconnecting it? If you have already attempted to re-pair the joycon to the switch and this didn't help, had you disassembled it again and made sure you didn't accidentally scratch the soldering or area around the connections for those buttons? I would check for physical damage first.

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@rwhurtt I tried re-pairing it, but that hasn't helped. When it isn't connected, pressing buttons doesn't cause the player indicator lights to flash like it usually would. I've added a photo of the board. I couldn't see any scratches on it. The microswitch for the shoulder button is a bit bent up, but beyond that, the board looks normal to me.

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