Why my MacBook Pro screen & keyboard flickering off & on again

Hey guys!

I have an issue with a MacBook Pro 2015, the screen the apple logo and the keyboard lightinging goes black for a moment and comes back to life. Also when it goes dark the keyboard and the trackpad does not working at the moment. But the OS does not shut off itself. Have you ever seen this issue?

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What does an external monitor show you? Does it also flick on and off as well?

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External monitor does not recieve signal

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@patrikguti - Can you expand your reply. You don't have a working ext monitor? The connections are different so you can't connect it? The Ext display doesn't show any response when its plugged in?

What happens when you close the lid does the external respond at that point?

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@danj Yeah sorry, So I tried the macbook connect to an LG 27UN880 via HDMI, its shows there no signal, But the HDMI cable and the Display work correctly with other device. If i close the lid the apple logo still flashing like a thunderstorm

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The display and the keyboard backlight do the same at the same time

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