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El ¨PSP 3000¨ fue lanzado en los Estados Unidos, el 15 de Octubre de 2008.

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The X button isn't working

I just excavated my PSP 3001. I'm currently cleaning it, but when I finished making sure all the grime was gone, the X button started not to function. I cleaned the sensors, and every button except for X has a little delay here and there, but they work. Is there something I'm missing or did I do irreplaceable damage?

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What do you mean, excavated?

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What I would do is get a replacement x, square, circle, triangle pad (the thing that you cleaned). They’re fairly cheap on Amazon.

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A potential solution exists for the issue you're experiencing. On the right pad, where the "O" button is situated, you'll find a small bent tab connecting the upper and lower parts of the pad. Essentially, when these connectors make contact, it registers as a click, corresponding to the button you're pressing.

It's possible that the X button is consistently registering as pressed. To address this, consider placing a narrow strip of paper next to the X button, avoiding the rounded dot in the middle but positioning it directly adjacent. This adjustment should disrupt the constant connection, allowing the button to activate only when pressure is applied, thus resolving the issue.

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