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Modelo M2453 o M6411 / 300, procesador 363 o 466 MHz G3

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doesn't seem to detect my airport extreme wireless card

I brought a airport extreme wireless card that stated the card would work perfectly with the iBook g3 model but that seems to be far from the truth so far do you have any ideals of what my next steps should be thank you in advance for your time

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Hi odell, welcome to iFixit Answers.

The airport extreme wireless card will not work in your iBook G3 clamshell. You need to buy the first generation Apple wireless card. The airport extreme wireless card will only work in iBooks G4/PowerBooks G4 and G4 towers so return the card for a refund or maybe your seller has the first generation card if so ask for a swap..

Here's the card you need:

Here's probably the card you received:

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I missed that. Way to go. +vote

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Under the Apple icon in the upper left hand corner, Go to About this Mac. This is the system profiler. Hit the More info button. In the under "Network" go to the Airport Card. See if the computer can see the card.. Did you remember to plug in the connector to the card?

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Lemerise is correct. Airport Extreme card won't work in clamshells.

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