Can't use the PC, forgotten BIOS password

Any ideea how to reset or remove the BIOS password for an ASUS Vivo AIO V222FA all-in-one desktop PC? I have tried everything, even opening the computer, taking out the motherboard and tried to make a short-circuit between the + and - motherboard batttery pins. It appears that nothing actually works even after reading all the guides I could find online.

ASUS support advised to send the computer to their service department and they said it will cost around $300 to reset the BIOS password.

Is there any way to do this myself or sending the computer to an authorized service is the only way to unlock the computer?

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type in the wrong password until it gives you a code, then post that code here

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I'm not getting that code at all. I tried enter random passwords, after entering 3 wrong passwords the only thing I'm getting it's just a blank screen. Pressing random keys, nothing happens. I can do a ctrl+alt+delete then it asks again for the password. Same goes for pressing the power button. Anything else I could try?

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Actually ctrl+alt+del is not working (my bad, it's working but I have to press it at least 2-3 times). The system looks like it's totally frozen after 3 invalid password. The only thing I can do is to keep the power button pressed for a few seconds, it powers off, then power it again from the button and then I'm back at the Enter Password screen

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@bms1981 did you setup a bios password and forgot it ?

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I believe someone did. I have no ideea what happened. This is an office computer which worked just fine until 3 weeks ago. A lot of people had access to this computer in the office so one day I found it like this. Of course, no one admits anything, nobody changed the password and so on. The computer was bought brand new like 3 months ago and now it's in this situation so it's totally unusable

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