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A highly stylized new generation of Volkswagen Beetle, called the New Beetle, produced from 1997 to 2011.

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A/C heater vent in center dash closest to driver won’t blow air out

Three dash vents blow air out but one in center drivers side will not blow air out?

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What is the year model of the vehicle?

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That's a common problem with the New Beetle. The dash vents are connected internally with a rod that has a ball on each end. That ball snaps into a holder, and it's unfortunately all too easy to use a little too much force on the dial and cause the ball to pop out of its socket, rendering the control knob useless.

The two outer vents are easy to fix; you can just (carefully) pry them out, but the center vents are plastic welded in place. The only way to get to those little rods on the center vents is to pull the console. You'll need a T20 Torx driver and a set of VW radio removal tools to do the job. I've heard that the straight metal hangers for hanging file folders work pretty well in lieu of an actual radio tool though.

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