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Procesador i5 de doble núcleo A1418 / EMC 3068/2017 / 2.3 GHz. Lanzado en junio de 2017.

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iMac not turning on

There was recently a power outage at my house, and my mac didn’t wanna turn on after that

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in UK we have fuse in main power cable (not sure where are u from).

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I’m from the US, would I just need a new power cable then?

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Oh, I don't know if u have fuse in US power cord - sorry, but maybe u can try this -> Is there an internal fuse in the iMac?

There still should be fuse inside in PSU (but with this model is not easy to get it).

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It does sound like you got a surge which killed your power supply when the power was restored.

You'll need to check your onboard diagnostic LED's. Follow this guide to take the display off Reemplazo de la pantalla del iMac Intel 21.5" EMC 3068 stop at step23 . Referencing Step 22 locate the diagnostic LED's

Block Image

Is LEDs #1 and #2 lit?

You may want to get an electrician to check your panel to make sure the buildings ground is good and install a full building surge suppressor and check your outlets ground as well so you don't encounter a problem again.

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