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Prendas de abrigo marca Patagonia que te mantienen caliente en los días frescos y seco en los días húmedos. La dificultad de reparación varía desde un simple parche hasta una reparación más complicada.

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Dog chewed hole in lining

I have a 16 year old jacket (I have many 20-25 year old garments that I wore, then my son wore them, then he grew out of them and gave them back to me & they still look fine) that my dog chewed into. She chewed a patch out of the lining and I was going to try to fix it myself. Should I send it back to you to put a patch in?

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Hi Laura,

Well it's hard to be sure without seeing the garment first. What I can tell you is that you can send it to us for evaluation so we can see what's involved, here are a couple of options for you. If you are near a Patagonia Retail location, please give them a call to discuss your local repair options. Otherwise, you can still send us your repairs the old-fashioned way using our Repair Form at your own shipping cost. We’ll repair your gear and ship it back to you.

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