My whirlpool duet washer control board is locked

My whirlpool duet washer control board is locked also... I think, because the control lock button lights up when I press it and the extra rinse option that activates the drum light to come on can be pressed, but just those 2 buttons are functioning. The Dryer works just fine, both are plugged into the same socket, FYI, thus causing my confusion & frustration. I already tried resetting the washer by unplugging & plugging it back up multiple times, but still no changes. The power button and the play/pause button won't press or illuminate like its stuck and no other lights are on, the door is locked even though the cycle was fully done. I read about the error codes that can cause this, but no codes or weird numbers are displayed. I just want to get my clothes out of the locked washer so they don't smell. I tried everything, except cracking it open... I don't wanna have to do that, shouldn't have to because its only 2 years old.

Please help any suggestions are welcome. Thanks

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What is the model number of the washer?

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