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no power to drain pump - Samsung Washer WF448AAW/XAA

I have the same exact issue with Samsung Washer WF448AAW/XAA

No power to drain the pump. If I provide 120v direct to pump, the machine completes the cycle

I suspect a relay as well, but not sure how to locate the correct one

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Check if the wire is securely connected to the control board connector CN1 pin 3. You could also then check if power is being supplied on that lead, when the pump should be operating.

Here's an image taken from the service manual for the washer, showing where the connector is located on the board.

Block Image

If there is no power on the lead, you will need to remove the board and then trace the track from CN1/3 to see which relay contact it connects to.

From the image it appears that the relays are grouped around the connector. If a relay is faulty (also check its operating coil is OK) then usually the relay identification information is found printed on the relay case. Search online using the information to hopefully find replacements.

If the relay and contacts are OK but it is still not operating, then it will be more difficult as the schematic for the board will be needed. Check if there is a "board number" printed on the board and see if the schematics can be found using that information. If not then the board may have to be replaced

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Had same issue wouldn’t suggest this but I beat the relay and pump now works perfectly it’s been over a month so I’ll take it saving up for a new one and gonna ride this one out in the mean time which is borrowed time lol

- de

@Kevin OBrien LoL, I’ve fixed a few things that way. Sounds like you hit it in just the right spot.

- de

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