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Información de reparación y desmontaje para el iPhone SE de segunda generación, anunciado y lanzado en abril de 2020.

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Is it safe to update iOS with a cellular modem failure (No Service)

Hey there, community.

There’s an issue with the cellular connectivity on my SE2020. The repair shop that tried to fix the issue ended up having no luck.

Their final comments were “The modem itself is ok, power supply doesn’t deliver power to have modem up and running” They tried resoldering (exuse my poor hardware service word choice) the contact points, and when the phone booted, the signal showed up and almost immediately went off again, kicking it back to the beginning - the same “Mobile Data Failed to Update” error message.

So this is basically the background - for those who maybe will advise anything from their experience which may help in further attempts to fix it.

BUT. the main part of my question is - since I plan to use the device until I finally decide what to do next - to buy a new one or keep trying to fix it in a different repair shop - can I actually use it the same way as iPod Touch for its performance-related functionality (it’s still quite a beast in that terms) , having no worries when installing regular iOS updates through Wi-Fi? Anything other than cellular connection works just fine.

As from what I’ve seen - if I was to reset the device completely - it would cause the phone to stuck during the initial setup on the stage of activating due to having no cellular signal and this would make it impossible to be further used.

Is there a chance to face the similar device’s behavior after a regular software update without resetting it? I rely on this handset in my work-related multimedia content creation type of tasks, so if I end up having my phone blocked like this having even no access to the ongoing projects’ data stored in it - it would really be a disaster.

Now, in particular - i have 15.4.1 onboard with 15.5 pending. And from various sources that I read about this specific update - it includes baseband firmware upgrade, which in my case I see as a potential red flag that tells not to update. Am I just being too paranoid or the paranoia actually makes sense?

Appreciate your replies, guys!

Thanks in advance.

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No it’s not.

If the cellular subsystem fails to respond during update, the whole thing would probably fail. Then you will run into the issue of not being able to activate once a restore is done, or not able to finish restore at all.

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