Some keys on my electric piano are clicky.

Yamaha P-95

Hi folks. I probably just need to open up and clean the key actions on the piano but I was wondering if ya'll know where to find a take apart guide for a Yamaha P-95 electric piano. I'll be googling this as well, but I'd appreciate your advice.

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Not sure about the P-95, but I once took my CLP-320 apart for cleaning by loosening all the screws I could find and removing the top cover. If by "click" you mean click when the button touches the bottom of its seat, you'll probably need some soft material to replace the factory damper. You'll also probably need grease, as it's all over the moving parts.

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Thank you. This is helpful.

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Closing the loop - it's a p115 and I was wrong. I opened it using a service manual and turns out the clickiness is a result of it needing grease.

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