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Anyone know how to fix pink shades on my bottom screen?

I left my laptop screen on when it display youtube and i go to sleep, when i wake up it shows pink shades at the bottom of my screen. It turn pink when detect dark color and turn green when it detect light color, anyone know how to fix it ?

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What is the model number of the laptop, as shown on the information label on the bottom of the laptop?

Try connecting an external monitor to the laptop (TV?) and check if the problem is also showing on it.

If not then most likely it is a problem with the laptop's screen or less likely the cable between the motherboard and the screen.

Screens cannot be fixed. They have to be replaced. Knowing the model number of the laptop will help to get the service manual which shows how to replace the LCD unit and also the Lenovo part number for the screen so that suppliers for the correct replacement part can be found.

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Your laptop screen over heated and the pink shades will continue to grow on your laptop the more it is used. This can also happen by putting your laptop on your bed on for a long time the laptop scrren cannot be repaired and if you install a new one theres a chance it can happen again to the other screen

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