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Repair guides and service information for DeVilbiss 5650C and 5650D nebulizers. Manual for 5650C/5650D models also available in Spanish and French.

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5650C low air output - is there a filter inside machine to clean?

compressor is not putting out enough air to make tobi or saline solution effective

Can compressor be taken apart ? Cleaned? filter changed at home?

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Here's the service manual that may help.

The Maintenance section on p.2 describes how to access the air filter (Item #14 see p.3).

Replacement filters are available online. Just search online for the part number(s) i.e. 5650D-602 (5/pkg) or 5650D-601 (25/pkg) to get results for suppliers that suit you best.

If the filter is OK then check the other possible causes for reduced air output as per the troubleshooting guide on p.4.

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