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How can I hook up my RF Famicom to my American HDTV?

Hello. I recently bought a boxed Famicom with some really nice games, but I can't figure out how to hook it up to my LCD Roku Fire TV. Can anyone help me? I know that you need to go to Channel 95/96, but this TV only lets me go to 3. Thanks and any answer would help me so much. The model of the TV is NS-55DF710NA21

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Have you tried doing a channel scan with the Famicon on with a game in and connected to the RF jack?

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Do you have a gray box NES RF switchbox?

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I did try it and I do have a grey box.

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If you have an old set top box (or an old vcr) try connecting the console to it and the stb (or the vcr) to the TV's HDMI port or Composite AV (yellow/red/white RCA cable jacks - depends on connection options of the stb or vcr) and then scan for the console using the stb (or vcr) and see if it works that way i.e. connection is console RF coax connection to stb (or vcr) then HDMI or Composite AV to TV

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Thanks, but I currently don't have a working VCR and the one I have is broken beyond repair. How else could I try?

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You can't, at least not without additional hardware. Your Famicom is only going to output an analog video signal via RF while the RF input on your television is only going to support a digital signal.

So your options are either (a) an RGB mod to allow your Famicom to output an RGB signal which can then be converted to HDMI, or (b) an analog-to-digital signal converter. Option A (and specifically I'm thinking of the NESRGB mod which I recently installed in my own NES) will give you a much MUCH cleaner image but will ultimately be more expensive (due to the requirement of a further RGB-to-HDMI converter), and requires soldering. Option B is simpler and cheaper but does nothing to improve the image (and it may even look worse due to the nature of LCD screens).

Both options will introduce a bit of lag, option A due to the RGB-to-HDMI converter and option B due to the analog-to-digital converter. How much lag is going to depend upon the quality of the converter you choose.

Option C is to get a TV with S-video input, install the NESRGB into your Famicom, then connect the modded Famicom directly to the TV via S-video. You'll get the benefits of better video quality with no lag.

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Thanks, but I dont have a solder machine. Plus, im trying to figure how to hook it up without soldering anything. And I also have a VCR beyond repair so I can't use that either.

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Then your only options are buying an analog-to-digital signal converter, or buying a new VCR.

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