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Modelo A1174 con 2 GHz Core Duo o Modelo A1207 con 2,16 o 2,33 GHz Core 2 Duo

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any 3V Lithium CR2032 as PRAM battery?

Can I use any 3V Lithium CR2032 coin Battery as PRAM battery replacement on my iMac?

I was thinking to use this I found on ebay.

at the end is a battery what would be any difference, right?

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.....and I would like to ask also if its important to change this battery. As you you know this core duo iMac is from 6 years ago. I never had any battery problem, but they say that PRAM battery lasts generally 5 years, and considering that the next week I plan to open my iMac to upgrade it, I was thinking that it is a good time to change the battery also.

Will I do right? or should I leave it as it never gave any problem, and I always leave/left the iMac in the sleep mode in these years (as far I understood, the PRAM battery is used when the computer is switched off)

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I get these batteries at the dollar store and the work just fine for my iMac. I only pay $1.00 for a 2-Pack of 3V lithium CR2032 batteries.

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Considering the age of your computer if you are going to open it anyway I would change the battery. The battery you have found looks right and I have never had any problems with a generic CR2032. As a further guide I am including a link to a "proper" CR2032 so you can compare. Good luck with your upgrade--just remember to go slow and enjoy the process.

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+ If you are going to open it for another reason and you are approaching or have surpassed an accepted lifespan of something replace it. That is being dollar rich. Getting in there and not replacing it will make you penny rich and dollar poor.

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yea the battery is exactly that. I read some guides before. I was asking because there some people on ebay selling the same battery for 20 dollars only because they precised that they selling a PRAM battery replacement.

I think if the voltage (3V) and the dimensions (CR2032) are the same, its stupid asking 20 dollars only because you guarantee its a PRAM battery.

Thank you for your reply and wishing me luck!! I know I will have great fun. My iMac is like my best friend in these years so I will be super careful + I am an assistant surgeon, so for me it will be like operating patient :D

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There is a difference between CR2032 and BR2032. While the dimensions are the same, the chemistries are different. The BR2032 are preferred for maintaining computer PRAM or BIOS because at temperatures above 60c (140f) the CR type battery decays faster and has more voltage sag. It is not unusual for the inside of your computer to reach these temperatures. In relatively speaking higher drain applications -like many consumer use applications, the chemistry of the CR type battery is advantageous as it provides more steady voltage under higher drains at temperatures under 60c. In short, after 3 or 4 years in a system the CR chemistry battery might not be providing close enough to the 3v for the system clock to maintain the purest accuracy. But can you use either?- yes. But what does Apple put as factory original? - the BR chemistry.

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thanks for the info; my problem is to access the pram battery on a macbook pro 2010 - can't find it here.

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