Why start front panel removal from the bottom right?

The Front Panel Replacement guide for iPad 2s suggests (steps 2 and 3) starting the panel removal in the bottom right corner. Of course, that is exactly where the fragile WiFi antenna marked in Step 1 is located!

I followed the guide instructions and, yup, ripped through the wifi antenna. So that turns a replacement of a cracked front panel into a much more complicated wifi antenna replacement. My goof, sure, to some extent -- but I have to wonder why the guide suggests to start with one of the corners with a fragile cable?

Is there any reason not to start the front panel opening up at the top side instead? Seems like that might be a lot safer.

At the very least the guide could be updated to add some more specific caveats about how to open that part safely, similar to the info in Step 6 about the digitizer cable. I don't want to just dive in and start editing the guide myself without hearing opinions from those of you who have done this step successfully...

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