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Lanzada en noviembre de 2020, la MacBook Pro de 13" cuenta con el SoC M1 basado en Arm de Apple con una CPU de 8 núcleos y una GPU de 8 núcleos. (Modelo A2338/EMC 3578 con dos puertos Thunderbolt 3)

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How not to loose TrueTone screen replacement?

Hi everybody,

I've already saw different post that answers part of my question "Will I loose TrueTone and autobrightness with a screen replacement". But I want to know if the part that iFixit sells is a virgin part or not (will or will not loose TrueTone...etc).

What's the specific reason that this happens? If I get a screen from a used MacBook, will I loose this functionality? Has anyone tried or have experienced this?

Thanks for he help!

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If you get a new virgin display then you will loose Brightness, FaceTime camera & True Tone services. The issue is the display needs to be calibrated as they requires the system to be complete. Frankly, I really don’t see why Apple makes this hard if not to discourage repair.

If on the other hand getting a recycled display (which is what I use for my customers) then you don’t loose anything! As the calibration was performed and the settings are stored within the displays T-CON logic.

Here's the needed part MacBook Pro 13" (A2338, Late 2020) Display Assembly - Used! and here's the guide to put in on Reemplazo del ensamblaje de la pantalla de MacBook Pro 13" 2 Puertos Thunderbolt de finales 2020

Imagen de MacBook Pro 13" (A2338) Display Assembly


MacBook Pro 13" (A2338) Display Assembly


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Thanks, but is the part that iFixit sells virgin or not?

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@benmerino - The link I posted is for a Used display, Not a Virgin one which would then need calibration which you can't do.

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