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Is a HP Pavilion DV6-2005SP hardrive compatable with a elitebook 2730p

i have 2005 (i think something like that )elitebook 2730p but it looks like a 2740p but there is small difrences and it says 2730p on the bottom so idk I need a hard drive for I cant to find any for a decent price and the closest thing I could find was an HP Pavilion DV6-2005SP harddrive it looks like the same connections but I can't rlly find anything on the size can this work

HP Pavilion DV6-2005SP hardrive

elitebook 2730p

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I believe any 2.5" Hard Drive or SSD should work. The SSD I would recommend is the WD Blue SSD, but you could get this one for a little less(slower speed [450 vs 530 MB/s and less warranty period[3 years vs 5 years]) . If the cable connecting to the current hard drive uses the 4 pin connector, we can explore other options.

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do you know anything cheaper i don't need a lot of space and I'm kinda poor so I cant rlly afford that

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@keith_themuscovyduck See my updated answer.

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thx that one is in my budget

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@andrewsawesome the DV-6 HDD is 9mm thick so it may not fit your EliteBook since it takes a 7mm drive. Something like this should fit.

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