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Lanzado en noviembre de 2018 como una edición de la línea Pro del iPad. Modelo A1980.

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Where can I get a replacement for the front glass?

Not the display panel or touchscreen, the glass ontop.

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The screen and digitizer are fused together on this model of iPad, meaning you can't separate them (without special tools) or buy them separately. You can get a new display here.

Imagen de iPad Pro 11" (2018) Screen


iPad Pro 11" (2018) Screen


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Fun Fact: The display assembly for this iPad uses the same connections from the display to the logic board in (at least) the first three versions of the 11 inch iPad Pro. Now that, of course, does not apply to the quality. If you’re looking to buy an aftermarket replacement for the third generation screen and you opt to buy one for the second generation screen, there will likely be some minor differences in regards to image quality and brightness. Here is a link to a display I’ve used for an iPad Pro -11inch (1st gen) display assembly replacement. The repair was straightforward and simple and resulted in no change in functionality in regards to the touch screen or the display quality.

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So its possibel to put a A2230 Display on a Ipad Model A1980 ?

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Correct. I’ve done it without issue. Some users may notice a difference in sharpness or tint in the display but that is often a result of the quality of the display replacement purchased i.e. not a technical issue.

- de

Ok Nice i bought a pulled good Display now 👍

I hope everything goes alright 🙂

- de

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