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After replacing Digitizer & LCD, there is still no response on Digi?

After replacing the Digitizer & LCD to a customer's iPod Touch 4th Gen, I still get no response from the screen. I know it's not the screen because i swapped out four different Digitizer & LCD screens. The LCD screen lights up. The connector to the Digitizer does not look damaged at all. The broken screen worked just fine before I removed it.

Any ideas?

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2 Respuestas

It sounds like the the cable connector is not plugged in .

Or the cable itself is damaged even though it looks ok.

Or else you got a bad dig/lcd assembly.

Only thing to do is try a new assembly. Good luck.

One thing eveybody should do is to test it before glueing it down.

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I've tried four different screens. Still having the same problem with all four screens. And I did end up putting those four screens in different ipods, and they worked in those.

- Por

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The only other assumption is that the connector on the motherboard is broken. Must have gotten damaged while trying to plug it in.

I feel your pain.

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