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Repair guides and support for tablets produced by Lenovo including the ThinkPad tablet line.

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My Lenovo tablet turned off and never came back on.

Lenovo TB-X104F

My Lenovo tablet after only about two months of use switched off and never came back on again until I discovered it packed away so I got it out charged it up and it was all great, as brand new in fact. Then again after about two weeks it just went dark and no nothing at all. Been trying all the basics I can through charging it up, pressing buttons for so long etc. It showed the orange and black Lenovo logo screen once but that was it all. Lenovo tablet TB-X104F (9 1/2 inch screen).

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@dottie12321 double check your charger. Check the charging port and make sure it does not have any “pocket Lint” or other debris in it. A few puffs of compressed air should clean it out. Connect a USB ammeter between the tablet and the charger and see how many amps your tablet pulls. Let us know what those values are. If none of that will yield any result, it will be time to open it up and check things out a bit more in depth. Check the connections of the charging port and make sure you have power going to it. Something like this video will at least get you into it. This Manual should also help.

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