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My ROG phone 5 wouldn't charge

I forgot to charge my ROG phone 5 yesterday and the battery drained itself to 9% so I leave it to charge the entire morning, just to find that it stayed at 5% afterward.

When I plug it in, it just shows the charging indicator for a brief second and then nothing, like the phone isn’t plugged in.

The phone came with its own 60W charging brick and cable and never failed once before today.

I tried to troubleshoot it with an Anker power bank and a lower wattage charger from my old phone. When I try to charge with the lower wattage charger, it works (although obviously slower). It also works when I charge it with the power bank but with the cable from the lower wattage charger. I then tried to charge it with the power bank but with the USB type C to C cable from Asus and it didn’t work.
I was going to conclude that my official Asus charging cable is the problem but it worked fine when I try to charge the power bank with both Asus charging brick and cable.

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It fixed itself! After charging to nearly full with the low wattage charger, the official charger worked normally again!

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