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Frigidaire Upright LFFH20F3QM0. The freezer "pan" is not accessible

Our freezer is a a Frigidaire Upright LFFH20F3QM0. The freezer "pan" is not accessible from the front, but is a curved container attached to the front side of the compressor with the only access from the rear. Compressor is easily accessible, but the container pan is on the front (!!!) side of compressor and not accessible. It does not seem to be removable and cleaning means reaching around and sopping out the gook with a rag or whatever. (The gook is stinking). Is there anyway to either (1) remove this container or (2) insert/attach a drainage hose to the bottom of the container that could be shut off except when needing to drain the container? Gadberry

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Hi @gadberry

Here’s a video that shows how to remove/replace the drain pan from your freezer.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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