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Turn signals stop working while headlights are on

Hey guys! I'm having an issue with my 2000 Honda accord. When the lights are off, the turn signals operate normally. As soon as you turn your lights on (headlights, parking lights, high beams, etc), they turn off and stop blinking. Where should I start troubleshooting? Is it the switch? Grounding issue? Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks :)

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I've replaced the switch to no avail. The culprit was a bad ground above the drivers side kick panel. One of the wires had broken lose and I didn't notice it until I followed a wiring diagram and saw one wire was missing. Found it shoved up into the wire sleeve.

So, for anybody facing a similar issue, before you jump to replacing parts, double check all your grounds are intact. That solved my issue immediately.

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bad switch. replace signal arm on steering column, or dash switch (if equipped)

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Thanks, I'm going to grab one from pull a part in the next few days, and I'll give that a shot

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