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El MSI GE62 6QF Apache Pro se puede identificar por su número de modelo: MS-16J4. Es un portátil para juegos de alta gama que se lanzó en febrero de 2015.

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Can you replace the touchpad for this laptop?

My touchpad is not scrolling and is not of the best quality. I have installed drivers but it still cannot scroll downwards when I use two fingers. Is there any way to replace the touchpad?

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Hi @yeetusboiryan ,

You should be able to but the hard part might be in finding a replacement part.

Here’s a video that shows how to replace the keyboard in a MSI GE62VR laptop. I realize that it is not your model but it should be close enough to give an idea of what’s involved.

At 12:34 minutes onwards into the video you get a good view of the touchpad.

Replacements touchpads aren’t easy to find online as mostly they sell the complete top cover assembly i.e. top cover, keyboard and touchpad. Search for MSI GE62 6QF touchpad and you will see what’s on offer.

I found one supplier but as you can see they’re not cheap.

You may be able to find others by using the part information that may be found on the touchpad. In the video there is a sticker attached to the underside of the touchpad so hopefully if there is also one on your touchpad, there is useful part information on that which you can use to search for the part. Just a thought.

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