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Release Date: April, 2012. The black GT70 2OC-065US 17.3" Gaming Laptop Computer is a serious gaming laptop that will bring more game to your gaming.

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Laptop cannot boot or install windows I have used this device for 8yrs

The computer only boots to bios and if it is set to boot with legacy and will black-screen crash at any attempt to boot with its hard disk.

Device info=

Block Image

If the image doese’t work here is the text ver.

BIOS Inf. Version=E1763ICP.70P Build= 01/14/2014

EC Version 1763EG62 Ver5.12

EC build 01/27/2014

CPU Info

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2700MQ @ 2.40GHz EMT64=Supported

Processor speed 2400 MHz Processor Stepping 306c3

Microcode revision 17 Processor cores 4

Memory Information DIMM#0 and DIMM#2 4096 MB (DDR3)

DIMM#3 and DIMM#0 4096 MB (Not Present)

ME FW Version

Please let me know if you need any more info.

Please help me I get to own this computer if I get it to work!

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Please help me! I really want to fix this laptop without having to go to a professional store!

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I got it to work, and your answer didn’t help at all. The computer ignores every disc I try to use and bios has a password set that I didn’t change and will not boot into anything. As soon as the windows logo appears on the screen, the computer goes into a black screen. There is no way to change anything from what you said. I had to modify the motherboard to even get a blue screen instead of black. System repair does not work, and instantly responds when I do a scan by telling me that it can’t fix my PC. This happened after It crashed several times without BSOD. It will not give me the menu, but it will show the bios menu. I had to change the settings about how it reads data to get it to read a USB. I used windows to install USB and now it works! It’s for sale/trade on the Facebook marketplace. I am not a complete computer expert lol so I made the mistake of formatting EVERY drive like 10 times

After getting it set up though, it performs normally except for odd CPU spikes. Goes from 1-7% CPU usage to 100% thank you for trying to help though! The computer was opened but there was no apparent damage to anything. Still thanks for trying to help me. The case is solved and if anyone has this issue I will attempt to help you!

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Question: Laptop cannot boot or install windows I have used this device for 8yrs

Answer: Your laptop may be outdated or at end of support. Microsoft is not responsible for hardware failure in end of support Windows. Other than that advice I gave you, try the steps below.


Try Windows Safe Mode.

Check Your Battery.

Unplug All Your USB Devices.

Turn Off Fast Boot.

Check Your Other BIOS/UEFI Settings.

Try a Malware Scan.

Boot to Command Prompt Interface.


Use System Restore or Startup Repair.

Bottom Line: If any of the above steps don't work, you have to bring your laptop to a repair store to get it fixed or replaced. Have a good day!

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the battery only has a battery life of 1 minute. IT is not a screen due to lack of power because the keyboard still glows and the fans still run.

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