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Información de reparación y desmontaje de teclados Razer.

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Is there a way to fix this connector?

My Razer Cynosa’s spacebar isn’t working. After a lot of trying out I finally found this connector directly conencted to the spacbar on the board. It seems that it is just not connected and therefore there can’t be any input from my spacebar. Now the question obviously is, if there is a way to fix this by myself. Thanks!
Here is the picture:

Block Image

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There are a few ways to try to fix this:

Fill the gap with solder (put solder on the broken track and take of the excess with solder wick)

Use conductive paint to repair the pad

Run a jumper wire from the cable to its respective pin on the connector

Let me know if you need more details.

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Thanks! This sounds good! If I've got any further questions, I'll get back to you :)

- de

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