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Información de reparación y desmontaje para el iPhone SE de segunda generación, anunciado y lanzado en abril de 2020.

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Why is my volume up button not working?

My iPhone SE 2020 volume up button is not working. I tried a restart, letting phone die completely and turning it on, and even a factory reset. I am not aware of it being submerged or dropped anytime recently. The button still clicks so it is not like it is full of gunk. I would prefer if I didn’t need to restore as I would like to stay on iOS 14 as of now (app compatibility) but I will if I have to. Thank you.

Edit: I checked the water damage indicator in the sim tray and it is white.

Edit: I restored it via iTunes and it still doesn’t work.

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Wire disconnection?

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I have checked Andy restarted the connector. Also, it is a combo of volume up, down, power, and mute switch and those with fine.@nytryder26

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Did you mess with the bios or developer mode?

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It is an iPhone SE 2 on 15.3 so it is not jailbroken.@nytryder26

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Ok well, I have no clue then, sorry

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i guess you have tried everything now.
What if you try a button strip . Wont cost too much I hope. just to make sure its not a hardware issue.

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