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El Xbox original es el primer sistema de videojuegos de Microsoft. Tiene una carcasa negra fácilmente identificable con 'XBOX' blasonado en la parte superior y frontal. La reparación es fácil con herramientas comunes.

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What is this white stuff on the power supply?

I opened it up to check on the clock capacitor and got scared that the capacitors on the power supply had leaked out and was somehow still working.

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Every replacement power supply I found and the one in this guide also had it though. Is it just bonding?

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@alexanderson that is some silicone based “goop” that keeps the components in places, isolated from the other components and stops them from vibrating. PITA to remove it. Most of the time I use a heatgun and a dental pick. No fun and messy but normal stuff.

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Okay that's good to hear. What would you recommend to get the main board nice and clean? Currently there's a thick amount of dust in there.

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Start with a brush and brush the lose stuff off. Then use a bit of compressed air or a shopvac (or similar) and blow the more resistant stuff off. Keep on brushing the dust off as it gets lose from the air.

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You can usually remove them without removing the stuff, but you need to remove all of the solder. I've done it out of laziness before. It's more prone to risking PCB damage yes, but if you do it right it's a huge time saver - just don't re-apply new goop.

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@nick - I always put back the thick silicon damping potting after replacing the ones that are potted. Otherwise your power supply will ring! The caps and coils oscillate to the 60Hz cycles or its harmonics.

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@danj Heh I never notice, tbh.

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