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problem with the petrol exchange

Hello my friends, I own a Golf Mark 2 and I have a problem with the petrol exchange. The parts I changed did not solve the problem

When the tank is full its go only 400 KM or less

20L of fuel only go 140 KM or 150KM max

My engine is 1.8 8V ABS

Carburettor wires for 1.4 8V

My computer in the picture

1: spark plugs

2: coolant temperature sensor

3: internal fuel pump

4: sensor oxygen

5 : computer

6: I check if i have problems in mu computer no problems

What can i do with this problem ?

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ahmad199651 you are not telling us what that problem is. What does your Golf do or does not do? Is it the excessive usage of petrol?Give us more information about this petrol exchange problem.

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I don't know but I think the clutch is going out our the transmission?

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