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Lanzada junto con el AirPort Extreme base extention, esta variante de disco duro equipado ofrece 802.11ac de velocidad en una cápsula del tiempo NAS (almacenamiento conectado a la red).

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Low speed, another OS, SMB services

Server Message Block (SMB) version 1 has low read and write speed (only 10-13mb/s), I need smb 2 or smb 3

Can I update hardware or just set up my own OS?

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You might want to review this: Server Message Block protocol (SMB protocol)

Windows doesn't use SMB any more it uses CIFS which is a encapsulated in TCP.

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Apple never offered SMB 2 or 3 support on their Time Capsule. And besides, Windows 10 by default uses CIFS, yes one can get SMB to work and you are then limited to what the protocol can offer and its just not secure unlike CIFS!

Your other option is to install AFS services on your Windows system. Here’s a good overview 3 Ways To Open APFS Drives In Windows 10 I personally use Paragon and its not bad! If you are using Windows 11 there is no options at this time.

If you are using Linux then just use APFS for Linux by Paragon or give GitHub Linux-APFS-RW a try. Or for Ubuntu Network file sharing with Apple Filing Protocol (AFP)

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how connect TC to Paragon, windows says that HDD(TC) formated to FAT32

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Maybe its time to look at a better solution than force fitting a TC into your Windows environment. I personally gave up on my TC years ago as it's drive was too small and I needed better WiFi.

I use Paragon to transfer customer data to their new Mac system.

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ok thanks. maybe i will make my own nas+wifi

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