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Procesador i5 de doble núcleo A1418 / EMC 3068/2017 / 2.3 GHz. Lanzado en junio de 2017.

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Can I upgrade the processor in this iMac?

I am doing work in Adobe premiere pro and after effects, I upgraded the ram to 32 GB but with this processor it is still too slow.

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Sadly the CPU chip is soldered on your logic board in this series 21.5” iMac Core i5" 2.3 (Mid-2017)

Block Image

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Is it possible to replace the logic board?

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While you physically could, what would you put in, this system was a single model in the iMac18,1 Series this is the last plain Retina model as such you would need to also replace the display as the next generation is using a 4K display iMac19,2

Frankly, the costs of this would make it much more expensive than just finding a used system ands selling yours to recoup some of the costs.

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