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Camera and Microphone Issues After 15.1 update

Updated to 15.1 then started to notice camera issues - not starting up/freezing, can’t take video. This was followed by microphone issues - can’t make calls, Voice Memos not working. At times restarting the phone would “fix” the issue but not for very long.

Updated to 15.2 - seemed to “fix” the issue but again same thing - camera and microphone not working correctly.

To get around not being heard on phone calls I use an AfterShokz Air bluetooth headset. But I would like to see some resolution on this.

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The microphone issues may be caused by a hardware issue. The iPhone 7 and 7 + were notorious for two common issues, Baseband PMIC (power management integrated circuit) and Audio IC failure. Although they’re not really failures. When the phone flexes from being dropped or over normal use, these integrated circuit chips would pop off the board resulting in either the microphones and speakers not working or getting a “No Service” message with a warning triangle next to the service bar status.

As far as the camera issues go that does sound like it may be caused by iOS. Does that happen with both cameras or just one of them?

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Both cameras will freeze, requiring a reboot. The problem doesn’t seem to occur when BT headset is connected.

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