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Lanzado el 4 de noviembre de 2017. Modelo A1865, A1901. Disponible como GSM o CDMA / 64 o 256 GB / Silver o Space Gray. (Se pronuncia igual que "iPhone 10.")

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My iPhone X screen is only glued without lips - is that common?


I bought one of the earliest iPhone X (November 2017). Recently, the screen went bad. So I ordered one from Amazon. When I tried to fix it I see that that the screen is working perfectly, but it won’t fit to the iPhone because it has lips on the top as well as on the side.

My old screen, however, does not have any lips. It was simply glued to the iPhone.

I could not find a single replacement screen on the market without lips. I also endlessly googled and could not find any reference to a screen that is simply glued without having any lips.

Am I missing something?

Everything is working perfectly, except that I can’t fit screen. It would be pity to throw it out.

Any help will be highly highly appreciated.

Adding a picture of the original screen, which may help to explain the issue

Block Image

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Some pictures may be helpful. These displays typically have clips on the edges which snap into the rest of the housing. Even OEM screens would have this, unless they were broken off somehow.

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@flannelist , I've added an image, any clue?

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You’ve torn the old display panel off from its bezel, the new one came with a new bezel and therefore the clips underneath it.

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That's correct. But the new bezel would not fit in becase the clips does not have a place to go.

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Tom hit the nail on the head. Based on the picture you added, the actual display panel came unadhered from the frame, rather than the display assembly coming unstuck from the phone enclosure.

The lip you described is also intended to come out, just the clips are still engaged and there is more adhesive under it. It may be trickier now, but still doable. I would try and wedge something (like a pick) under the lip and tray and pry it away from the rest of the enclosure, just be careful not to harm components or tear any cables. In fact I might disconnect the battery and the display before trying since that will give you some more space and lessen the risk of doing damage.

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@Puspak Barua Pull the bezel off from the phone then.

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Thank you, I now understand. I'll try to do that.

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Thank you for your explanation.... makes sense. I'll try to do that later - fingers crossed - hopefully I'll not damage anything in the process!

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