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El Xbox original es el primer sistema de videojuegos de Microsoft. Tiene una carcasa negra fácilmente identificable con 'XBOX' blasonado en la parte superior y frontal. La reparación es fácil con herramientas comunes.

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Cant press play on xbox one game Mr.funnys toy shop?

Cant press play..on play Mr funnys toy shop

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Hi Chris. Could you provide some more information regarding this?

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Grandson has new xbox.on some games..including above one..where it says ‘play ‘ on screen..u can't actually click on the word to play it. Tried ALL the buttons..even in different patterns

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@chriscad Did you also tried a other controller? Looks like it's software related (could also be a hard disk issue). Is it modded?

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Brand new.came with one controller. Font think it's a fault..just can't figure it out.thanks anyway.happy new yr

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Looks like a software fault yeah. Perhaps a mod got stuck (if it's modded).

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So for some reason the play button is not working when your trying to play the roblox game Mr. Funny’s Toy Shop:

Block Image

Since this is a new xbox, and new controller, then that shouldn’t be the problem I’m suggesting that it might be a glitch since its occurring with other games. I recommend resetting your Xbox, here’s a video that might help:

If the problem is still occuring, I then suggest to reset the actual controller, here’s a video that might help:

Since you tried all the buttons, this is actually a pretty common glitch, here it happens to a guy where he try’s to play Halo and he also shows how to fix this problem:

You could also check the Xbox status page. If you see any services with alerts, expand the service, scroll down to Notifications, and sign in to receive a message when the service is up and running again. Or you could also restart your PC. On your PC, press the Windows button, then select the Power button, then Restart. If the PC appears to be frozen, press and hold the Power key on the device for 10 seconds, until the PC turns off. After it shuts down, press the Power key to restart.

If the problem still occurs, I suggest you look through the manuals and Contact Xbox for support at:

Hope this helps :)

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Some roblox games do this I think it's because roblox is primarily a PC game so the game was designed to be used with a mouse

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