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iPod touch battery only charges to 20 %

Alright I have a Ipod touch 2nd gen and it wont charge past 20 percent on my computer. Once it gets to 20% it stops charging. I have replaced the usb cord so its not that and its not my computer because my friends charges fine. My computer keeps saying usb device not recognized. idk what to do on this.

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Give us some more info. Does your computer charge your iPod? Did anything happen to your iPod? Have you checked your dock connector for bend, broken or corroded pins? Have you changed your battery? Have you tried a AC wall charger? Have you tried a different cable? the more information we have to more likely someone on here will find you the right answer. You are our eyes and ears....;-)

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You may try to by a USB wall adapter. Your problem occurs to me a lot. It may be your computer. Also, if you are charging it on the computer, make sure it is a USB chord made by Apple. Sometimes if you buy a universal charging chord, it only charges in the wall, not on your computer. Your computer cannot read the universal chord because the chord is not meant for a computer to read it.

If that does not work, then it may be the battery or port. If my advice does not work, replace the battery. If that does not work, take your iPod to the Apple store.

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nome of those worked :(

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try reseting it no data will be lost

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