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Esta es la página del dispositivo para el Samsung Galaxy J7. El sistema operativo que viene en stock para el dispositivo es Android OS v5.1.

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My phone will not unlock or factory reset

I have a Galaxy J7 Refine. I turned my phone off and when I turned it back on it said I needed a code that included four digits and a letter. I have never had a code or password on my phone. I've tried to do the hard reset and it doesn't do anything and the reset screen doesn't come up. How can I get my phone to reset or am I out of luck? It wants the code to turn off my phone also. Any suggestions on what to do next?

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You can “disconnect the battery for a couple of seconds” With the battery connected again press volume up, power button and home button together. Keep holding the buttons until it boots into recovery mode. Once it is in recovery mode push the power and volume up buttons which will bring up the option menu.

You might have to try a couple of times if it doesn’t work the first time.

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My phone has an internal battery so I can't disconnect the battery.

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@Rita Northern You might need to remove sim trays first than remove the back to access the battery.

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