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Folding home button flex


I have had to order a new home button and flex for iPad 7 as original was broken.

The new button has arrived but the flex does not have the 90° fold in it. It is just one straight cable

The seller has advised that I just need to fold as original, but I am concerned this would damage cable.

Anyone have any advice on this?


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The original cable would have been put in in a similar manner, they are not manufactured with the fold in them. I would just be gentle, avoid a heavy crease.

You can see even in this picture, that there is some space near the fold itself, keeping it a bit rounded is probably ideal. I would fold and just apply some light pressure so it will hold its shape.

Block Image

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Thank you, I will try this ?

The old cable is completely folded flat with no space, which is why I was concerned about replicating. I will be gentle.

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@mclarenchris Got it. I can understand your concern. I am similarly always worried about this sort of thing. Let us know how it goes.

But if the cable is of decent quality it shouldn't be a problem. Keep in mind it's still bits of wire going through these flex cables so should be flexible and hold its shape rather than just snap.

- de

Worked great Alisha, no problems.

Thanks again

- de

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