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What Processor is plug and play.

I have a MSI MPG X570 Gaming Edge wifi Motherboard and I would like to know what Processor works with this without needing a BIOS Update. I have a Rayzen 5 5600G and it won’t work for me. Computer won’t even turn on.

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Hi @mrmchoul ,

According to the this (click on Compatibility > CPU) the BIOS is 7C37v1F. It is the same for all the Ryzen CPUs shown in the list, including your CPU. There are only 2 CPUs mentioned in any of the BIOS updates, yours is NOT one of them - see BIOS 7C37v15 2019-10-30

What are the ezy debug LEDs on the motherboard showing, when trying to start the PC? (see p.39 of the user manual).

If the CPU LED is on, disconnect the power from the PC and check that the CPU has been installed correctly i.e. no bent pins.

If no LEDs on at all, check that the PSU turns on (PSU fan starts?) when the power button is pressed. If nothing happens check the power button cable connection on motherboard (see p.33)

If it is OK check the PSU is OK by performing the paperclip test on it. Check that all the voltages from the PSU are all OK and if so and there are no debug LEDs there is a motherboard problem. Check the PSU cable connections to the motherboard.

Is this a new build or a CPU upgrade to an existing build?

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I’m not sure what version of the BIOS is present on your board at the moment so it’s hard to say for sure, but since the 5600G is a relatively recent release it would not be surprising to me that it needs a BIOS update to get support. According the MSI support site , your best bet for compatibility is going to be anything that was validating using the original BIOS for the unit. Which was version 7C37v11 . Which includes most CPUs in the Ryzen 2000 or 3000 series.

Also note. This unit has a BIOS flashback button it it. So you can update the BIOS without getting the unit to POST first (so doesn’t even need a CPU installed) if you have a flash drive. So it shouldn’t be too difficult to get the board to run the correct BIOS for this processor (which is 7C37v1F).

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