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Identifying 4mm Posidrive bits

I am looking for #0 & #1 Posidrive 4mm bits (repairing musical instrument). I have the ifixit 54 bit kit but can't identify the Posidrive bits that have been mentioned therein. Anyone know which bits are Posidrive? The only 2 choices in the iFixit 54 bundle are labeled "PH" and "J". Neither of them fit properly.

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HI @oldngray635

The Pozidrive screwdrivers are marked PZ and as far as I’m aware the iFixit kits don’t have Pozidrive heads in them.

PH is for Phillips, and J is short for Japanese Industry Standard, neither of them will be a perfect fit for a Pozi screw as the screw-heads are different.

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Thank you. See comment to Andrew.

- de

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Posidrive bits are not available in the Mako bit set. You can buy the Manta bit set or get the Pozidrive bits seperately(iFixit 1/4" Screwdriver Bitsand 1). If you buy the bits seperately, you can use them with the Mako driver by using the 1/4” to 4mm adapter at the top right of the Mako Driver set.

Imagen de iFixit 1/4" Screwdriver Bits


iFixit 1/4" Screwdriver Bits


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Thanks to both of you. I have had this iFixit set for a long time and used it often. BUT, for the first time I can remember I happened to turn it over while putting it away just now and noticed all the contents are listed on the back. My excuse is I am over 90 and this isn’t the only thing I get mixed up. I will check out the 1/4” bit set. Many thanks again.

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