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Can Ringer Volume Be Increased?

Is there a way to increase the max ringer volume on a Model 29299?

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Have you checked that the ringer volume switch is set to HI?

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Switch is set to high. Looking for a way to increase standard high volume.

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@Daryl S

You may have to insert a telephone extension ringer between the telephone wall socket and the telephone, as I think that it will be very difficult to increase the ringer volume in the phone itself.

The link is an example only to show what it looks like and how much it may cost although it appears with the one I linked that you may need a cable as well.

Where I am there are more expensive ones, that provide more options as the one I linked above appears to be very basic, so it is probably the same where you are. You get what you pay for.

Search online for "telephone extension ringer"

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