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Freezer semi cold but fridge warm

Hopefully someone can figure this out with me. My GE GSH25JFXB model number fridge suddenly stopped cooling correctly. I have at this moment pulled out the back freezer panel and here is my findings. Freezer cool’s and has no ice build up on the coils as I replaced defrost heater a couple of years ago so all is good there. The bottom of the freezer is cold and some cool air makes it over to the fridge area but not enough to keep everything cold.

It would appear that the evaporator fan or the fan that pulls the cold air up from the evaporator and to the upper part of the freezer and into the fridge area is not working. I tested it by having the door open and shutting off the light switch to fool it into thinking the door was closed and the fan came on for a moment but then turned back off.

So I know it’s somehow a problem with the fan or it’s thermostat’s but not positive given the trouble shooting from other’s. I checked the evaporator fan blades and the blades move freely with no problem. So wondering if it’s the thermostat def but the troubleshooting always seem to point out ice build up for that and I don’t have any ice buildup or is it a possible control board issue? So there is my problem any help from someone experienced in this area would make my day…

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Hi @demolitionman

It may be worthwhile investing in a copy of the service manual as it contains the wiring diagram and also the diagnostic test procedure, both of which should hopefully help to find the problem.

The GE mini manual (GE’s name for the service manual) part number is 31-61716, but I couldn’t find a free download online when searching for the part number. I did find this website but you have to join to download.

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Thanks I will check that out. I just ran a multimeter check on the main board in the back of the fridge and that checked out so it's only one of 2 minor things left I believe, the Temperature Sensor, the Evaporator Fan but since the Evaporator Fan blades move quite easy and freely I suspect the silly 18 dollar temperature sensor.

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You could always check if the voltage is still there to operate the evap fan even though it is not turning.

Looking at an image of the fan (part #WR60X10185) for your model, there should be 9.75V DC

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Replaced the upper Thermister and no go so now on to checking the Evaporater fan ugh.,

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@demolitionman Based on what @jayeff was saying, check for the proper voltage to the fan. Do a continuity check across it as well. If it isn't getting the proper voltage the fan could be fine. The fact it starts up and then shuts down without making any odd noises is the part making me question if it is the fan.

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The fan appears to have sensors i.e speed and temp perhaps (4 wires?), so even though it may have continuity through the motor it may be shut down due to a faulty sensor e.g. if no speed detected by control board the power to it may be stopped, the same if the temp sensor? was faulty

Also if there is a speed sensor then the voltage would vary to suit whatever speed was needed and the sensor would let the control board know.

Test for continuity between the black wire (Earth) and the blue and also between the black and yellow. The motor is the black and red

You may have to manually spin the motor to get a reading for the speed sensor (Hall effect sensor),but the temp sensor would just be a thermistor

Also prove continuity back to the control board for the blue and yellow wires

Just a thought

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