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Guías de reparación y dispositivos para el teléfono inteligente Samsung Galaxy J5 2016, modelo SM-J510FN.

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Vertical Barlines on LCD

My phone is dropped and it has a crack has no display but vibration is istill OK if I press Power on. Probably, screen issue only. So I ordered a replacement LCD display. Before fixing it to the phone, I connect if first just to try if it is working. And it worked. Though, it seems not as good as the original one(finer). So, I proceed the replacement and when I was about to try it after assembly, vertical bars appeared.

There is no picture, only vertical bars(gray, black, green etc) are interchanging.

What might be the reason?

Is it still repairable? please help me for options. I have to recover the data on my phone.

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I would check your cables make sure they are connected correctly. If the are connected correctly then the LCD may have been damaged during installation.

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