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A1708 / EMC 2978 — Lanzada en Octubre 2016, este MacBook Pro de nivel básico retiene sus teclas tradicionales de función (en lugar del OLED Touch Bar). La versión con teclas de función incluye un Intel Core i5 y dos puertos Thunderbolt 3.

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Display / Screen is realy dim (nearly black)


One day my display just didnt turn on anymore. everything else works fine (i connect my Macbook to an extern screen to use it) also i noticed, that you can see the display realy dim in some angles… so it isnt completely disconected it seems.

Here is an image once normal and one overexposed, so you can see that the screen is still slightly on.

Block Image

Block Image

Is there an opportunity where i can look for a quick fix? or is the only solution to buy a new screen like apple wants me to?

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Ouch! What you’ve proved is the backlight is not working so either your system is facing the dreaded FlexGate problem where the ribbon cable running between the T-CON board and display has failed or the backlight power logic within the main logic board has an issue.

13-inch MacBook Pro Display Backlight Service Program

Your time is running out so I would get to an Apple Store or authorized reseller ASAP!


If your logic board backlight logic is the issue, Apple will tell you you need a new logic board, you don’t!

You will need to find an independent Mac repair shop with the needed micro-soldering skills to fix your logic board which will be a lot cheaper!

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Oh thabks for the quick analysis...

I heard about the flex cable problem, but thought that my macbook isnt supported by that repair action of apple (since they released a list of models it applys for, but my model wasnt listed)

But i will give it a try. And look what apple will say. (I didnt went to apple since i thought they would just sell me a new display)

But thanks in general. Now i have topics i can look for...

- de

@Okan 400 Your model is definitely covered by this if it's a 2016 13" MacBook Pro. Keep in mind the coverage is from 5 years from date of original purchase or 3 years from the start of the program, which is May 21, 2019 whichever is longer.

- de

@flannelist - It's listed! MacBook Pro (13-­inch, 2016, Two Thunderbolt 3 Ports)

They didn't make it easy to tell, I would have used TouchBar and Function Key models to distinguish them.

Don't forget to accept the answer - Thanks!

- de

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